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Frequently Asked Questions
Nook is compatible with over 40+ brands of Non-Smart AC & also has compatibility with over 450 AC remotes. The Compatibility can be checked in 2 Ways after adding the Nook: a) Auto Mode – wherein your AC remote is searched in the Library of Remotes by Nook and added b) Manual Mode – wherein you select the Brand of AC and manually search for the compatible remote in HEKA App.
Nook is the only smart device in India that uses external weather data (Temperature and Humidity) to drive decision and sets the AC temperature accordingly, it not only assures you the best comfort but also saves up to 40% energy. To enable this feature, please select Smart Mode on the HEKA App
Yes, customer can use Nook interchangeably with existing AC remote. To synchronize AC Remote with HEKA App, always point the AC remote towards Nook while interfacing with AC. Please note that neither the AC remote nor Nook receives any command from AC and hence this synchronization is important.
Yes, Nook has two built-in slots for inserting wall mount hooks/nails. Please ensure Nook is positioned at a point which is in the line of sight towards your AC.
Yes, Nook can be setup with a simple and intuitive process guided through the HEKA App itself. Additionally, there is also a user manual and video demonstration provided on Livpure Website.
Yes, Nook does not share or store AC usage data without prior permission from the customer. Personal information entered for sign-in will not be shared with third party.
Nook can be wall mounted or placed on a table. However it has to be in line of sight with AC at a maximum distance of 12 feet. Typically, any place where your AC remote interfaces with the AC, the Nook should work fine.
At the moment there is no free product trial offered. But you can get an understanding of device functionality through video, images and product description in website and user manual.
Nook has to be connected to an active 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi with Internet for Interfacing with the AC. Nook can also be connected and interfaced through Mobile Hotspot. For remote access through mobile application, the mobile can be connected to any network.
Nook is NOT waterproof. The Plastic enclosing the Electronics is of high grade and is splash proof, however please ensure water does not enter the Nook, where the electronics assembly is mounted.
Power capacity of Nook is 5W and in continuous operation the energy consumed is 0.005 kWh/ Day
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